“Home of International Brands”


Dear Friends,

Launched in 2019, ElectroMall was the first one-of-its kind large format specialist retail store that catered to all multi-brand digital gadgets and home electronic needs in Iraq. Since its inception, ElectroMall has almost become synonyms for all electronics needs, with its tech-savvy staff, product range, Staged presence and the will to help customers.

Bringing alive the promise of a “Home of authentic and International Brands” for its customers, ElectroMall offers its customers a world-class ambience to shop both in-store and Staged at www.electromall.net and also allows for a seamless “omni-channel” shopping experience that lets a customer enjoy the best of both the Staged & the offline worlds.

With over 6000 products across 200 brands, ElectroMall ensures that for each customer, a Brighter Tomorrow begins Today! From the newlywed couple setting up their house to the son reducing his mother’s burden with a washing machine; from the daughter gifting her parents a new LED TV to the newly promoted manager buying an inverter air-conditioner to make the summer bearable, ElectroMall ensures that customers always get “More for their money”!.



Our Vision

To be the first consumer electronics retail chain in the region with the focus of housing authentic and original international brands in the industry in our retail setups.

Mission Statement

At ElectroMall, everything we do revolves around meeting the needs of our customers. We help our customers achieve their goals by delivering integrated solutions and services that maximize their technology and electronic investment.

Our Values

Our continuous success rest on values based on long-term thinking, high quality and visionary ideology. ElectroMall is a family business: friendship and trust underlie our cooperation, in an ever-expanding quest for progress and excellence. Each employee is always willing to work as one and take on whatever task lies ahead. These values are mirrored through our ever-widening network of business partners with installations worldwide. Our corporate values are our DNA: they shape our corporate culture and define the behavior of our employees.

What can we do for you ?

We give support and training on all our products, our engineers are ready to offer their support during office hours.

All our products are original brands, please ask our sales representatives for
warranty certificate.

We offer a very competitive prices in the market, the world wide brands gave us the advantage for best prices and best offers.

Electro Mall has a dedicated team for delivery, they are experts in our product, they install, train and test.

Customer care first! The satisfaction for our clients is our priority, we offer installation, support, training on our products in addition to warranty certificates.

Our region has going through a phenomenal change in the past years, citizens of our country now has seen the world and developed an eye for quality and a taste for high standards of life, they have seen how international brands have changed the way of living for their consumers, they have seen how easy its for the citizens of other countries to obtain high quality and reputable original brands through different channels whether retailers or e-commerce websites, However, sadly this kind of services and setups never existed in our region.

For that reason, I have always dreamt of seen such setups in my country which finally my dreams became a challenge and lead to the birth of ElectroMall the first Consumer electronic retailer in the country.

Personally, I believe the competitive strength of a company should be measured not by the volume of sales or the range of innovation, but by the extent of involvement of all the association in the quality improvement process, with that in mind we have solitary focused on creating a portfolio of brands in our retail setup that their main objective is quality and originality.

Since then we have kept that step ahead by listening carefully to our customers over the years, by paying expert attention to an ever-changing economic environment and by giving our people the opportunities to realize their potential and have the same standards of living the other people have around the world.

Finally, as we look at the road ahead, we are determined to exceed our historical success. And we’ll do it by constantly increasing the value of our offerings to our customers and increasing the caliber of our services to such a high level, that our name will become synonymous with customer satisfaction.